Key2Flex, Adobe Solution Partner, is an innovative and leading software development studio specializing
in Rich Internet Applications dedicated to Business processes.

Key2Flex Adobe Flex expertise can build the business applications of today with the technology leading to an
optimized future.

Key2Flex     Innovative Experts specializing in their field
Key2Flex     Competitive Edge to its clients changing business environment
Key2Flex     Global Business Management for international deployment
Key2Flex     Quality Control in establishing high quality standards

These business components are part of Key2Flex's vast component library which is a collection of flex components
we previously made for other flex applications. In fact, one attribute of a properly made flex component is that its
capabilities can be stretched through minimal programming, and so, it can be reused for different applications.
Obviously, this allow us to increase project productivity.

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Key2Flex Adobe Solutions Partner

As an Adobe Solution Partner, Key2Flex specializes in solutions for Business Applications, and provides dedicated RIA developers for remote team extension. We also provides essential Flex components.

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Discover our Dashboard

The kDashboard Solution effectively transforms data into comprehensive data visualizations and presentations, giving business decision makers meaningful information which serves as a foundation for data-driven analysis and insightful decisions. Key2Flex Read More

Key2Flex Adobe Solution Partner Application Dashboard

Key2Flex Adobe Solution Partner Application Dashboard
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